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Sep 13, 2021

You must choose! Before Agricola or After Agricola. James & Sanchez look into the titles that came before & after this 2007 hinge point in board gaming and which ones they just can't live without. We also discuss recent plays of Indonesia, Regicide, Skull, and more! Enjoy the show!

(3:20) Innovation Tournament

Sep 4, 2021

Heuristics! What are they, how do you use them in Train Games, and how are they formed? Join James, Joe, Zach, and Mike as we explore this main topic and take a quick trip to Northern Italy in the opening auction of 1841 Lite! Enjoy the show!

(:26) Choo Choo Crew Streams
(2:07) Feedback: 18Wood, 1889 Play
(7:02) Private...

Aug 21, 2021

20 Dads (and non Dads) descended on Kansas City for 5 amazing days of gaming, friendship, and fun. Listen in to live on location recordings from the week, as well as segments from the Choo Choo Crew & COIN Collectors. Enjoy DoaMcoN Live 2021! (Explicit Content Warning)

(0:00) Sanchez & James Intro
(13:20) Day 1...

Aug 7, 2021

Join James, Joe, Zach, and Mike for Episode 9 where we're talking Turn Order - manipulating it, respecting it, and abusing it for your benefit in 18xx & Cube Rail games. We also take on a live Private Auction of 1889, and discuss recent plays of Gulf, Mobile, Ohio, 1841, and Locomotive Werks. Enjoy!

(:52) - User...

Aug 1, 2021

Dads on a Map meets Hidden Gems in this monster Supershow episode! Featuring a roundtable QA, a Hidden Gems style review of DoaM cult favorite Portobello Market, and a game show segment - Podcast Clash - hosted by Dylan St Clair. Enjoy the show!

(2:06) Introductions
(9:43) Roundtable QA
(60:00) Portobello Market...